Beyonce reacted angrily to new reports that she is pregnant.

Beyonce posted an angry message on Instagram last night amid reports claiming her pregnancy had been confirmed by “multiple sources.” But it was unclear whether Bey was angry at the so-called “sources” for blabbing, or the tabloids for printing more false pregnancy stories.

One thing is certain, she was pissed. “I laugh at these low life people,” she wrote in a message on an image that was quickly removed.

More significantly, she lashed out at what she termed “the rumors,” clearly suggesting that she was not pregnant.

“I can’t stop the rumors from starting, and I can’t really change peoples minds who believe them, all I can do is sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me,” the message said.

If she was indeed referring to her pregnancy, she clearly framed it as a rumor. And she reserved her harshest words for those who are doing the talking.

But are they the sources, who may well have leaked sensitive information, or the tabloids that have been ceaselessly and possibly without foundation, reporting something that is untrue?

TheImproper talked to a source who sharply discounted reports she is pregnant, citing a number of reasons, mostly related to her current “Mrs. Carter World Tour.”

Beyonce launched the 65-date road trip in April. If the tabloid reports about her pregnancy are true, she had to have known about her condition before, or at the start of her tour.

It would have difficult if not impossible for promoters to get an insurance company to underwrite the tour under that scenario. If the insurance company agreed to cover the tour without knowing she was pregnant, the revelation now would almost certainly void the policy. No insurance, no tour.

Beyonce not only had previously suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Blue Ivy, but the 31-year-old singer is also considered borderline high risk medically for a second pregnancy because of her age.

Beyonce is NOT Pregnant, Or Crazy Irresponsible If She Is

A telling factor is whether she will continue with the North American leg of her outing. The tour is slated to end in August when Beyonce would purportedly be weeks away from delivery.

The baby speculation had pretty much died out until the singer was forced to cancel a show in Belgium’s Sportpaleis arena in Antwerp last Tuesday. “Dehydration and exhaustion” were cited as reasons. Nothing was said about being pregnant.

The New York Post claimed the the singer wore a Givenchy gown to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s fashion gala the was purposely high-waisted to conceal her pronounced midsection. The newspaper also claimed it had interviewed “multiple sources” who said she was pregnant.

E! News, again citing “multiple sources” also claimed it had confirmed her pregnancy and has run several follow up stories, even though neither Beyonce nor husband Jay-Z have confirmed the claim.

If the reports are untrue, Beyonce has a right to be really peeved. The subject is sensitive to begin with, especially given her history. Claiming with such certainty that she’s pregnant when she’s not is not only insensitive it’s outrageous.

But if the reports are true, then shame on her for putting the baby’s and her own health at risk by going out on tour.