Have Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ended their storybook romance. Another tabloid claims they have. Believe it?

Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s storybook romance that began during one of the biggest teen movies of all about a vampire’s love for a human, has reportedly ended in a rancorous split. It’s amazing it lasted this long.

By all accounts, the relationship should have ended last July after Stewart’s affair with a married man almost 20 years her senior exploded in tabloid headlines.

They broke up that time too, after Rob was blindsided by the revelations. But somehow they managed to patch things back together. But apparently the relationship was never quite the same.

It was almost impossible to sort out what was going on between the two because of all the fake tabloid stories. The couple has never spoken directly about their relationship, leaving the door open to all manner of speculation to exploit their fan base.

Even today, one of the worst offenders, HollywoodLife, had a blazing headline proclaiming that Stewart and Pattinson “Will Not Break Up Anytime Soon.” The story quoted yet another unnamed source, if a source existed at all.

Likewise, the tabloid site reported that Kristen was planning a big birthday bash for Rob, and then claimed Rob “ditched out on his own birthday party” when the original story didn’t pan out, with no proof that a big party was ever planned in the first place.

The latest report from People magazine, a far more credible publication, again cited a “source” claiming that the “Twilight” have called it quits. But even People left the door open to the possibility the split might be temporary, a clear sign it really doesn’t know what’s going on.


Tabloid HollywoodLife ran this story today, while People was reporting a breakup. Who’s right?

One thing is certain, Pattinson made a Herculean effort to patch up their relationship. Very few couples could have withstood the public humiliation he endured. He deserves credit for accepting Stewart’s apology and trying. If they have broken up, they were living on borrowed time anyway.

From the few shreds of credible evidence that exists, they appeared to have found some equilibrium between them. But they spent as much time apart as the did together. Rob was in Australia a good part of the year filming his latest movie “The Rover.”

They were spotted together in New York together after after the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Fashion Gala. They returned to LA together after the fete and celebrated Stewart’s 23rd birthday together. They were also spotted paling around at the Coachella music festival.

But something seemed amiss as Rob’s birthday neared. Kristen was photographed the night of his birthday Monday driving around with girlfriends, looking decidedly downcast. Rob was nowhere in sight. Rob really hasn’t been seen since then.

So even the People story is far from the definitive word. No reps have confirmed the story. Follow TheImproper on Twitter for updates on Rob and Kristen you can trust. We’ll bring you the latest as soon as we learn reliably about it.