Kate Middleton was on her way to a friend’s wedding when her dress was caught by the wind.

Kate Middleton found out the hard way that mother nature has no respect for royalty. A blustery wind gust yanked up her skirt and revealed her bare legs up to the top of her panties while she was on her way to a wedding last week.

Photos of the moment the wind hiked the Duchess of Cambridge’s budget polka-dot dress were published today by London’s Daily Mail.

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The duchess is seven months pregnant and sporting a growing baby bump, which also was clearly visible in the dress. Kate was making her way to St Mary the Virgin Church in Ewelme, a small village in the Chiltern Hills, when the incident occurred, according to the newspaper.

Kate suffered a similar incident on a visit to Warner Bros studios with Prince William and Prince Harry a month ago. A gust of wind lifted the back of her dress.

Kate Flashes Legs in Wardrobe Malfunction

Kate Middleton Bares Bottom as Wind Gust Lifts Dress (photos) 1Kate Middleton Bares Bottom as Wind Gust Lifts Dress (photos) 2Kate Middleton Bares Bottom as Wind Gust Lifts Dress (photos) 3Kate Middleton Bares Bottom as Wind Gust Lifts Dress (photos) 4

The incidents have been compared to Marilyn Monroe’s scene in the 1955 movie “The Seven Year Itch.” A gust of wind from a subway vent lifts her billowy white summer dress in what has become an iconic pose.

Kate is due to give birth in July. Some estimates have pegged her due date as July 11. It’s unknown whether she’ll give birth naturally or undergo a Cesarean section.

Of course, flashing her legs is nothing compared to her summer scandal last year when she was photographed sunbathing topless at an estate in France owned by a royal relative. The photos were published in several European magazines, but not in Great Britain.

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