Robert Pattinson may work as an actor, but muic is his passion.

Robert Pattinson’s split from Kristen Stewart suggests he’s done for awhile with high-profile relationships. He never liked the limelight or the invasion of privacy. So where will he turn to find romance?

Rob’s craft is acting, but his passion is music. So the odds are high that his next girlfriend will be a singer/songwriter, who shares his love of music.

Rob learned the hard way about the price celebrity exacts on your personal life. He and Kristen spent half their down time dodging paparazzi and ducking in and out of restaurants and bars trying to avoid notice. It’s doubtful he wants to return to that life again.

For the same reason he’s not likely to hook up with any high-profile pop stars. Although Katy Perry has drawn some attention from the tabloids, she’s definitely off the table.

She’s also friends with Kristen and her background is too different from Rob’s, who likes to hang out in bars and listen to music. So who might make a nice fit? This is only a guess, but Rob would have to find her intellectually stimulating as well as attractive. So here’s our best guesses.

fiona-appleAlthough she’s somewhat older at 35 (Rob is 27) Fiona Apple might make a nice match with Rob. At the moment, the New York City resident doesn’t appear to be in a relationship, and Rob would really appreciate her musical talent. Plus, he loves New York and she’s very low key.

But she’s also a bit eccentric. Rob might find that endearing, then again, maybe not. Still, he might like an older woman after putting up with Kristen’s childish antics.

MNorah Jones, 34, also seems like Rob’s type. The daughter of Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar, who played with The Beatles, has a musical style that fuses jazz, pop, soul and country.

She’s got a nice low-key vibe that would suit Rob well and lives an unassuming life in New York City.

Jones dated bassist Lee Alexander for seven years until their December 2007 breakup, so she’s capable of a steady relationship. Since then, she’s be unattached, although she is reported to be seeing Seth Macfarlane.

collettethurowColette Thurlow, 30, of the indie rock group 2:54, also seems like Rob’s type. She and her sister Hannah played South-by-Southwest (SXSW) last year and are gaining popularity in the United States. She was born in Ireland, but moved to England when she was a toddler, so she shares a background with Rob.

Although this is kind of a long-shot, Rob might be enamored with Lana Del Rey, who at 27, fits his demographic. Although she may be a bit too commercial, she’s drop dead gorgeous and she has an undeniably cool vibe that appeals to Europeans.

lanadelreyShe’s huge in the UK and France, even if she’s dismissed as a light-weight by U.S. music critics. Plus she is a huge soccer fan. She supports the Premier League team Liverpool and Celtic, according to UK press reports. On the downside, she’s in a relationship.

French singer-songwriter Melody Prochet, 26, also seems to fit Rob’s type. She’s a classically trained singer and viola player, so Rob would really appreciate her talent.

melodyprochetteShe has been described as having a “deliriously languid voice.” She’s well-known in Paris but also low-key and just gaining attention in the United States.

“I’m self-conscious and can’t sing in front of anyone,” she told Vogue magazine last year. “When I was younger, I was always part of a chamber choir, and wasn’t doing solos, so I never stood out that much.” She has dark features like Kristen so that’s a plus.

Her relationship status is unknown, but she’s currently playing in a band, Melody’s Echo Chamber, with Kevin Parker, an Australian psychedelic rock musician.

nedelleNedelle Torrisi, 23, is another serious indie musician who might appeal to Rob. She comes from a brainy family and get this, her mother is an ex-nun and her father is an ex-priest. Her brother is a neuroscientist and the whole family is musical. She has a degree in jazz/world music from San Francisco State University.

Nedelle is part of the LA music scene and she’s just coming off a relationship with collaborator Chris Cohen, with whom she made two albums. She now has a new project called Paradise.

This is all just speculation, of course. Rob could easily start dating another actress. But our guess is a musician would be his first choice. What’s yours? Let us know and follow TheImproper on Twitter for more celebrity updates.