Selena Gomez screams ‘Get Out! in a carjack attempt in Getaway with Ethan Hawke.

Selena Gomez gets a cameo but Ethan Hawke is doing the driving literally, in the first trailer for their upcoming movie “Getaway.” Gomez has a gun in her hand, again, and plays another good/bad girl in this explosive action/adventure movie.

The clip features Hawke as Brent Manga, a famous race car driver who falls under the control of a mysterious man who has kidnapped his wife.

To get her back, he must do as he’s told and avoid the police at all costs, which involves a lot of time behind the wheel, crashing through, over and around exploding scenery. Cameras in the car keep track of his every move.

He actually stops for a red light long enough for a hoodie wearing Gomez, known only as “The Kid,” to stick a gun in his face and try to hijack the car.

Bad move.

“Get out!” Selena demands shoving the gun in Brent’s face. “You got the wrong car,” he deadpans. He pulls the old switcheroo, grabs her gun an drags her into the car. Just then, the voice (Jon Voight) yells “Take her with you.”

Brent speeds off and he and the Kid suddenly become unwilling partners in the quest to free his wife. Luckily, The Kid turns out to be a sharp computer hacker, who helps Brent confront the mystery man.

Getaway goes into wide release Aug. 30. Check out the clip below and look for Selena to appear around the one minute mark and follow TheImproper on Twitter for all the latest film updates.

Footnote: Getaway is not a remake of the classic 1972 flick with Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw as some uniformed websites have reported.