Justin Bieber continues to pick fights with paparazzi, with the help of his security guards.

Justin Bieber went ballistic on a photographer in an early morning altercation outside The Hit Factory in Miami, with the help of burly security guards, who did all the heavy lifting. That is, they lifted cameras from frightened paparazzi.

The incident took place on a public street where the photographers have the right to take photos.

But the pint-size singer apparently stood back while he ordered his security guards to grab the cameras. The incident was caught on an audio tape and posted on gossip website TMZ today (June 6).

The photographer can be heard begging Justin to give the camera back. “Get that f***ing camera out of here!” Justin shouted at his security guard.

After pleading for his camera back, Justin relented. “Alright, alright. I’m gonna give you your camera back. I’m gonna take your SIM card though.”

The reference was to a disc contained in the camera that stores electronic images of the photos, which can be uploaded to a computer. In effect, he was taking all of the photographer’s photos.

The photographer begs for the SIM card after promising to erase the photos he took of Justin.

Bieber has had numerous run-ins with photographers and fits of temper in public as well as photos of him allegedly smoking pot have made him one of the most polarizing artists in music. He was booed when he accepted a “milestone” award at the Billboard Music Awards.

Even fans aren’t immune from Bieber’s rants. He went ballistic on a fan who snapped his photo on a cell phone at the Miami Heat game Monday night, according to TMZ.

Police are also investigating an incident where his security guards allegedly choked a photographer. Check out the audio tape below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity updates.