Selena Gomez and Mariah Carey are releasing albums on the same day. Big blunder for someone.

Selena Gomez and Mariah Carey are releasing albums on the same day. Big blunder for someone.

Mariah Carey needs to send a memo to marketing and fire the person who scheduled her album to come out the same day as Selena Gomez’s. The comparisons are already starting, and someone will likely end up embarrassed and hurt.

Gomez was the first on Monday (June 3) to announce the July 23 release date of her album Stars Dance.

Selena, incidentally, will turn 21 on the day before (July 22), so she must be planning a double celebration.

But Carey, 43, could spoil the party. She announced on Wednesday (June 5) that her 13th studio album is set to hit the streets on the same day, July 23.

“The New Era Begins.. 7/23,” the American Idol judge posted on her Twitter account. Carey will promote her as yet unnamed album on NBC’s nationally televised “Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular,” according to Billboard, which charts records.

The album is her first since 2009’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and Carey has a lot riding on it. Memoirs was her first album to fall short of platinum status, which denotes one million or more in sales.

To date, it’s sold 545,000 copies, barely achieving gold status, according to the RIAA. Fortunately, it was well received by critics.

Stars Dance also marks a major milestone for Selena. It’s her first solo album without her band The Scene. She plans to return to acting after she tours to support the album, so it may be her last for quite a while.

So far, she’s released two singles from the 11-track set. “Come & Get It,” has been her most successful yet, breaking into the Top-10 on pop charts and peaking at No. 6. Her other single, “Slow Down,” was released Monday, the same day Carey announced her album debut. Talk About stealing thunder.

Mariah released her own single, #Beautiful, a duet with Miguel, last month (May 6). The song is currently No. 17 on this week’s singles charts. Mariah is the more seasoned pro with a solid fan base. Although she skews older than Selena’s crowd, they are both pop artists who fit into the same genre.

If this is any indication, however, Selena’s video for “Come & Get It,” has received more than 46 million views on YouTube, while Carey’s hit, which has been out longer, has been viewed just under nine million times.

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