Lil Wayne walks all over the U.S. flag.

Lil’ Wayne, aka Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr trampled all over the U.S. flag while shooting a video over the weekend for his song “God Bless Amerika.” The scene, caught on video, is sure to rile patriotic Americans, although he’s well within his First Amendment rights.

The rapper and New Orleans native more than anyone is a testament to the American dream.

He grew up dirt poor Hollygrove, an impoverished inner-city neighborhood in New Orleans that was devastated by 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. His mother, who worked as a cook gave birth to him at 19, his father abandoned the family when he was two years old and his step-father was murdered.

Carter, however, went on to establish a successful music career. Bryan Williams, a neighborhood rapper known as Birdman, went on to found Cash Money Records and started mentoring Wayne when he was still a pre-teen. hedropped out at 14 to focus on a musical career.

His breakthrough came in 2004 with his album The Carter, which sold almost one million copies. His follow up album, Tha Carter II, went on to sell more than two million copies around the world.

At the same time, he’s suffered from health issues and has been arrested on several occasions, for various crimes including drug use and possession of a firearm. Still, he apparently has it in for America.

In the song, he raps:

“My country ’tis of thee
Sweet land of kill ’em all and let ’em die
God bless Amerika
This ole’ godless Amerika.”

In the video the flag falls to the ground and Wayne not only doesn’t stop to pick it up, he walks all over it. It’s considered a desecration for a U.S. Flag to touch the ground.

Oddly, President Obama said during his re-election campaign that he had some Lil’ Wayne songs on his iPod. Wonder if he’ll drop them now.

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