Justin Bieber pokes fun at himself in an Instagram video.

Justin Bieber pokes fun at himself in an Instagram video.

Justin Bieber has gotten unending bad press lately, but at least he hasn’t forgotten how to laugh at himself, which means there’s still a chance he could resurrect his tattered image as an all-around jerk.

The Biebs scored some positive public relations points after he posted a video on Instagram to show off bumps and scraps from a tumble on some stairs.

“If u didn’t hear I fell down the stairs this morning. Check my Instagram for details. It was epic :) lol,” he Tweeted.

At last. That’s the old Bieber sense of humor. In the video, he’s decked out in hip-hop gear, from over-sized gold chain necklaces, diamond earrings, an oversized hat, and some bushy black eyebrows.

“So I decided I was gonna fall down the stairs… so I did!” the singer says, giggling.

The camera cuts to a red scrape on his neck. As if to make a point he repeats: “So that’s exactly what I did.”

The short video was a stark contrast from the moody and surly images of the the teen singer from various run-ins with paparazzi and fans. His neighborhood is also up in arms against him because of several incidents involving alleged reckless driving.

Either Bieber or his friends have been spotted roaring through the exclusive gated community at high speeds in his white Ferrari, even though children live and play nearby.

Most recently, he kept a private plane and crew waiting eight hours on the tarmac while he looked for his pet monkey. Musician Kid Rock ripped into Bieber during a news conference, calling him talentless and a flash-in-the-pan.

But nothing helps to ease sore feelings like a little self-deprecating humor. Check out the clip below.