Beyonce's second single off new album has Caribbean influence.

Beyonce’s second single off new album has Caribbean influence.

Beyoncé appears to have been inspired by the sounds of Caribbean calypso for her latest song, “Standing On The Sun.” The tune has an Afro-Caribbean vibe complete with steel drums and a lilting beat. The song went viral today, although she unveiled it in April.

Beyoncé seems to be experimenting with lots of new sounds and beats for her next album. Her previously released song from the disc, “Grown Woman,” was heavy with percussion and a driving beat to signify female empowerment.

In contrast, “Standing on the Sun” is more atmospheric and wistful. “Can you feel the heat on my skin?/ Can you feel all my loving?/ You and me we’re standing on the sun,” she sings in an uplifting ode to true love.

Both songs also come with commercial tie-ins. Beyoncé released “Grown Woman” as part of one of her Pepsi commercials. Snippets of her new song first appeared in April in another commercial for fashion retailer H&M.

She sang the full version in Antwerp, Belgium as she was wrapping the European leg of her “Mrs. Carter Show” tour in May. How it leaked online is anyone’s guess by the singer isn’t putting up much of a fuss about it.

In both cases she reportedly relied on some help with the lyrics. The Dream is said to have written “Grown Woman,” while Sia wrote “Standing on the Sun,” according to MTV.

Beyoncé will relaunch the North American leg of her tour Friday (June 28) in Los Angeles. The tour includes a South American jaunt before it wraps up on an East Coast swing through New York and Boston on Dec. 20.

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