Taylor Swift has been branded a whore and fornicator by a conservative Baptist Church.

Taylor Swift has been branded a whore and fornicator by a conservative Baptist Church.

Taylor Swift might be a bit flighty, or somewhat capricious, but a whore? That’s what the ultra-conservative, bible thumping Westboro Baptist Church is calling her in its latest flurry 0f fire and brimstone. And the church is takin’ it to the streets.

Topeka, Kansas congregation members plan to picket Swift’s Aug. 3 concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo. to protest her rabid “fornicating” with a long list of celebrity boyfriends.

Since 2008, Swift, 23, has dated boy band member Joe Jonas, actor Taylor Lautner, musician John Mayer, actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Kennedy scion Conor Kennedy and One Direction boy bander Harry Styles.

Most of her relationships have lasted three months or less, and she’s used her experiences as fodder for songs on her best-selling albums.

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Ironically, Swift has the most G-rated image of today’s top pop singers, which include Miley Cyrus, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.

At the same time, she’s also ramped up her sexuality on stage by wearing racier costumes and adding gyrating dances to her repertoire, in keeping with her more adult sound and image.

But the church is hopping mad, nonetheless. “@TaylorSwift13 works her ‘girl next door’ country-singer shtick, while hopping from one young man to the next and strutting across the world stage like a proud whore,” the group said in a statement.

The group had even less kind words for her father. “He has no compunction about her immodest vulgar appearance or serial fornication,” it said. “No wonder she grew up to be the poster child for the young whores of doomed-america.”

Besides repenting, the group advises the singer to send her nearly 30 million Twitter followers a stern message: “Stop fornicating ladies, and obey God.”

Of course, the group can only assume she’s having sex with all her partners. When her relationships last three months or less, it’s possible she isn’t.

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