Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough, are widely reported to be dating, but it's more hype than true.

Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough, are widely reported to be dating, but it’s more hype.

Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough have been widely reported to be dating by a slew of tabloids, but the stories appear to be fake or highly speculative. Independent sources are now shooting down the rumors.

The story went viral that the “Twilight” hunk was dating the granddaughter of the late King of Rock Elvis Presley over the weekend.

The rumor was based on a paparazzi photograph of Pattinson driving in his now familiar red pickup truck with a young red headed woman in the passenger seat. While it was definitely Pattinson behind the wheel, the woman was not identified by the photographer.

But because she bears a resemblance to Keough, who is friends with both Rob and his ex Kristen Stewart, the tabloids took the rumor and connected the dots. The next thing you know, tabloids, citing, as always, anonymous sources, were confirming the rumors.

But a source who has been right about the couple in the past, told TheImproper that the dating reports were untrue. Celebrity website gossipcop also picked up the same vibe. It reported that the woman in the truck wasn’t even Keough.

E! News, which notoriously reported–falsely–that Beyonce was pregnant with a second child, was more circumspect this time around. It reported that “Rob is just enjoying hanging and chilling with friends at this point in his life,” which also jibes with our source.

But other tabloids, from The New York Daily News, and Hollywoodlife to London’s Daily Mail all claimed that sources had confirmed the relationship.

It’s NOT the case. First of all, that is NOT Keough in Pattinson’s car,” gossipcop countered.

Pattinson will also be leaving Los Angeles for as long as a month to shoot his next film “Map to the Stars,” in Toronto. He leaves, July 8; doesn’t leave much time for a romance.

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