Emma Watson is the face of summer considering the number of magazine covers she graces.

Emma Watson is the face of summer considering the number of magazine covers she graces.

Emma Watson is the face that has launched at least a half-dozen magazine covers so far this summer tied to her racy new movie “The Bling Ring.” And, to think, Emma considered bagging acting after her 10-year run in the Harry Potter movies.

Watson’s string of covers, however, certifies her as an international superstar.

“The Bling Ring,” about a group of suburban Los Angeles high school kids who burglarized the homes of celebrities, is Watson’s sexiest role yet.

For the former squeaky clean “Harry Potter” star, the film is as much of a departure from her child acting career as “Spring Breakers” was for former Disney teen queen Selena Gomez.

Emma Watson Bling Ring Hot

Directed, written and produced by Sofia Coppola, the film also stars newcomers Katie Chang, Israel Broussard, Claire Julien and Taissa Farmiga.

Emma plays Nicki Moore, the pseudonym for Alexis Neiers, 22, one of the real Bling Ring thieves, who was arrested in 2008 when the ring was busted.

Neiers and the other Bling Ringers were obsessed with celebrity lifestyles and their luxury possessions. They targeted the homes of Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale and Audrina Patridge among others.

Watson said she was drawn to the role because the crass materialism of the thieves is so antithetical to her own way of thinking. Yet she is an unmistakable bad girl in the film.

“Nicki is so different from me. How do I try and understand a young woman who loves these things so much that she is prepared to commit crimes to have them?” she tells W magazine.

“With Nicki, I was really taking on a character. Some of her lines are so crazy and absurd—making sure she wasn’t a parody was a challenge.”

In short order, Watson so far this summer appears on the covers of SNC magazine, Total Film, IODonna magazine, Marie Claire South Africa, Premiere, W magazine and Teen Vogue. In addition, she appeared in the May issue of British GQ.

Earlier this year, she also appeared on the cover of Elle France and Clove magazine.

Her stunning bling ring photos from GQ are her sexiest yet. Check them out along with her magazine covers and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Emma Watson news.