Russian spy Anna Chapman gets involved in another caper.

Russian spy Anna Chapman gets involved in another caper.

Anna Chapman, the Russian hottie busted for spying in 2010 and kicked out of the United States–forever–has become embroiled in another espionage caper. She wants to marry Edward Snowden, who is on the lam for heisting top-secret U.S. documents.

Anna may be persona non grata in the United States, but she still has a Twitter account.

Spy Anna Chapman Nearly Cracked Obama Inner Circle

She tweeted her marriage proposal earlier this week. She only has about 8,500 followers, but the Tweet echoed around the world. She also has her own Website loaded with sexy photos.

Chapman, now 31, was part of a gang of Russians who couldn’t spy straight when she and nine others were arrested in an FBI sting.

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The ring, based in suburban New Jersey, of all places, never snagged any secrets, but they were hailed as heroes when they were returned to Russia in a spy swap.

Chapman, in particular, parlayed her femme fatale looks into a series of racy magazine spreads, but with the Cold War all but history, she quickly faded into obscurity–until the Snowden scandal exploded.

The former National Security Agency worker released documents revealing a massive domestic spying operation by the U.S. government. The information is potentially monumental. It showed that the government is gathering data on all domestic phone calls and can access servers at nine major Internet companies.

Russian Spy Anna Chapman Drops New Sex Bombs (photos)

Snowden fled the country to avoid arrest and ended up in Russia. He’s been holed up at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport since June 23, searching for a country that will give him political asylum. Russia offered, but only if he stopped releasing damaging U.S. documents.

Then, Chapman got into the act. She may be a hero in Russia, but her heart still apparently belongs to Uncle Sam.

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