Selena Gomez partying on July 4th. Where's Justin?

Selena Gomez partying on July 4th. Where’s Justin?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber reportedly spent time together over the Fourth of July weekend, but don’t swallow those reports whole, at least not yet. While some tantalizing tidbits suggest they hooked up, other clues suggest just the opposite.

That hasn’t stopped some of the less reputable gossip sites from “confirming” the sighting and hyping the story to drum up fake drama.

But it would be disingenuous to make too much out of the report given the evidence so far. The reunion reportedly took place in Los Angeles which is possible.

Although Selena sang two songs last night (July 4) for the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, her performance was actually taped June 29 at the Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J. So, she had plenty of time to fly back to LA.

Justin’s schedule was a little tighter. He performed July 3 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas and was off on July 4, according to his Believe Tour schedule.

But he was on a tight turnaround. He would have had to fly back to LA that night or the next day. And, he had to be in Omaha, Neb. on Saturday (July 6) for a concert at CenturyLink Center Arena. Still he definitely spent July 4 in LA.

Justin Selena Together? Check the Evidence

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The first pieces of evidence of his whereabouts on July 4 are two photos posted by pal, Lil Twist. He claimed Justin was at his house on July 4. Justin posed shirtless with Lil Twist’s friends and family.

The second piece of evidence is a short Instagram video posted by Jas Prince, Christina Millian’s fiance, showing a July 4 party at his house. HollywoodLife, among other less reliable sites, claimed that two people in background were Justin and Selena.

How it came to that conclusion is a mystery. The couple is shadowed and unrecognizable. But there is evidence to clearly suggest it isn’t Justin and Selena.

In the Lil’ Twist photo, Justin is wearing black harem pants. In the Jas Prince video, the individual is wearing different style pants.

Unless Justin ran home during the night and changed, the person in the Jas Prince video is definitely not Justin, or it’s from a different night.

Oddly Jas wrote on twitter July 5: “Shout out to my crew @ChristinaMilian @LilTwist @justinbieber @AlfredoFlores @MAEJORALI.” But somehow forgot to mention Selena.

HollywoodLife, which is the principal source for the story, also claimed that a photo posted by Justin July 5 “confirmed” that he spent the holiday with Selena. But the photo was clearly taken on some other occasion.

For one, Selena’s clothes are different in the photo compared with what she was wearing in another July 4 Instagram video posted by Alfredo Flores, which definitely shows Selena hanging out with him on July 4; although there is nothing to suggest it wasn’t July 3. Her hair and makeup are also different from Justin’s photo.

More likely Justin posted an old photo to tease his new song, reportedly titled “Heartbreak,” about his breakup with Gomez. Justin or his handlers aren’t dumb. They see what kind of sales Taylor Swift gets when she writes songs about her relationships. He’s just copycatting.

In short, Selena and Justin may have spent quality time together, a brief time together or no time together like two ships passing in the night. The fact is, there just isn’t enough evidence to draw any conclusions. And, gossip rags that do so, could be heading for another fail.

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