At least two people are known dead in a Korean airline crash in San Francisco.

At least two people are known dead in a Korean airline crash in San Francisco.

A least two persons were killed and an unknown number were injured when a Korean Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash landed at San Francisco airport moments ago this afternoon. The plane broke apart on landing, but the cause of the crash is yet to be determined.

The airport has been closed down and all flights have been cancelled until further notice, according to airport officials and news sources.

The plane was believed to be carrying 291 passengers and crew on a flight from Incheon, Korea. The plane caught fire on impact. The death toll was reported by local television station KTVU, citing a fire department source.

The crash unfolded in full view of passengers and others waiting for flights in the airport terminal. According to eyewitness reports, the plane touched down nose high, causing the tail to strike the ground. The rudder and elevator snapped off sending the plane out of control.

Passengers could be seen fleeing down emergency slides.

“It hit the end of the runway by the water and the tail broke off at that point. It continued down the runway on its belly then proceeded to make 360 spin,” one eye-witness said.

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