Selena Gomez's appearance in Berlin is hyped in an online poster.

Selena Gomez’s appearance in Berlin is hyped in an online poster.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber eeked out some time over the Fourth of July weekend. Whether it was quality time or just enough time for a quickie remains unknown, but the on-again, off-again relationship is definitely off again.

Bieber was off to Omaha, Neb. for a concert Saturday (July 6) at the CenturyLink Center Arena. And Selena was off to Berlin for a business commitment.

That hardly left much time for sparks to fly, but the couple managed to spark a raft of rumors by tabloids eager to exploit the couple and drum up more speculation about their relationship.

One thing is certain, they’re thousands of miles apart at the moment. Selena arrived at the Berlin airport today (July 8). The flight took anywhere from 12 to 16 hours depending on the airline, according to various airlines. All flights require at least one stop-over, making it a grueling trip.

She arrived in the German capital dressed casually, one day ahead of the launch of her Adidas campaign at the brand’s Neo Label store. Both she and Justin have deals with the sportswear brand. (That could get a little awkward)

Selena will be available for questions: “Want to ask @selenagomez a question? Tweet @adidasneolabel #NEOaskSelena & she’ll answer on July 9 at her NEO launch!” the brand posted on its Twitter account.

But be wary about what you ask. Vinay Menon, a reporter for the Toronto Star said he was instructed by Selena’s reps not to ask any Beiber questions during a recent interview.

“Just want to stress again how important it is to not ask any Bieber questions or anything even relating to relationships. It’s all about the music today,” said Menon quoting a rep’s cautionary note.

Despite all the tabloid hype, it seems most likely Selena and Justin really are friends. “They are trying to maintain a friendship,” a source told E! News.

That jibes with with TheImproper was able to discern from the Tweets and photographs posted online. While it’s safe to say Selena and Justin spent time together over the Fourth, it was more as friends, and it wasn’t for the whole night.

In any case, many of her fans were not happy about it. “None of her friends really like Justin, or at least they don’t like Selena with Justin,” another “source” told radaronline. “It’s just not a healthy relationship.”