Selena Gomez is repping for Adidas brand Neo.

Selena Gomez is repping for Adidas brand Neo.

Selena Gomez endured a grueling 12- to 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Berlin to promote sports apparel maker Adidas Neo campaign but her payday included some psychic benefits as well.

The frenzy of adorning fans who waited faithfully for her outside the store hopefully made her feel welcome and took some of the edge off the long trip.

Indeed, Gomez, 20, looked like she’d shaken off most of the jetlag by the time she made her appearance at the store.

Selena dressed casually for the launch. She wore a pair of Daisy Duke denim shorts and a black, cable-knit long-sleeve top with a crew neck and sections cut out of the sleeves.

She topped off her outfit with pink socks and black shoes from her Adidas Neo line.

Selena Gomez Reps for Adidas Neo

The trip followed a heady Fourth of July holiday during which she met up with ex-boyfriend, and maybe new boyfriend Justin Bieber.

The two definitely spent some time together, judging by a photo Justin posted on his Instagram account. But there’s no evidence to suggest it was anything more than a friendly meeting, despite the tabloid hype.

One thing is certain, both were on tight schedules. Justin was due in Montana July 6 for a concert and Selena had her neo obligation half a world away today (July 9). She arrived in Berlin on Monday.

Selena still managed to look her best for the Neo photo call. Check out the video below and follow TheImproper on Twitter for Selena Gomez news you can trust.

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