kristenstewart-paparazzi-frontKristen Stewart’s run-in with photographers today ended as usual. She gave them a big “Fu*k-You.” But this time, the nasty paparazzi got even by playing a cruel joke on her. No one should be bullied like this!

Stewart, 23, was spotted walking down the street alone in broad daylight, when photographers turned their cameras on her.

She was dressed down, wearing an over-sized white tee-shirt tied at the waist (ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s?), blue jeans and a baseball cap turned around backwards.

She walked with her head down carrying her car keys in one hand and and what looked like a gray hoodie in the other as she approached the photographers.

The video cameras were rolling and the still cameras were firing away when she neared her truck. All the cool Hollywood kids drive beat-up pickup trucks. Kristen’s is a baby-blue mini. Rob, of course, drives the now famous red, F-100 Ford pickup that he used to haul away his stuff after the breakup.

In any event, as Kristen approached one of the photographers offered a friendly: “Hey, Kristen, how’s it going?”

She kept here eyes down and stared straight ahead as she clambered into her truck. Another photographer said something but before he could finish, Kristen reacted.

She never looked up, back, or addressed anyone directly, but could clearly be heard cursing: “F*ck You.” Then, she got in her truck and headed off, while the photographers could be heard yelping.

Apparently they must have followed her, because the next shot shows the dirt-covered hood of her truck. Someone had written “I (heart) Rob” with their finger.

The paparazzi could be heard sniggering, when one suddenly says: “Here she comes!”

Another says “Bet you can’t wait to see her face.”

“Dude I’m scared,” another replied.

Check out the video below and show her some sympathy in your comments. Photographers have never been kind to her, especially since hear affair with Rupert Sanders. But she doesn’t deserve to be bullied like this.

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