Justin Bieber adds disgusting public behavior to his list of stupid acts.

Justin Bieber adds disgusting public behavior to his list of stupid acts.

Justin Bieber’s ability to behave like a jerk is only superseded by his ability to get caught behaving like a jerk, and now he’s a miscreant too boot. And he only has his so-called “friends” to thank.

A new video went viral this morning (July 10) of the 19-year-old singer peeing in a mop bucket in the bathroom of a New York City restaurant.

A gaggle of friends laugh in the background while one of them obviously videos the whole incident on his cell phone. Then, whoever promptly ran to gossip site TMZ, and no doubt sold the video–at Justin’s expense. Seems like he’d do a better job picking his friends.

But what’s really interesting about the video is Justin’s bodyguard, who is dressed in charcoal-gray slacks, white shirt and dark jacket. He can be seen in the background.

He keeps one eye on Justin and another on the stairs leading to the bathroom hallway in case anyone tries to come down to use the facilities. Sheesh, what a way to make a living.

Justin Bieber Accused of Ridiculing Woman, Spitting in Drink

Bieber seems to have an obsession with filthy behavior. In January, a woman in Charlotte, NC, accused the singer of spitting in her water bottle while she wasn’t looking during a gym workout. She said Bieber and his friends also bullied her.

The mop bucket, incidentally, was in the hallway leading to the bathroom, not in the bathroom itself. Bieber’s security guard had to know what Justin was doing was not only illegal, but also unsanitary and a health danger to the poor working stiff who cleans the floors.

He stands there like a dope, doing nothing.

The New York City Health Department needs to track down that restaurant and do some serious investigating, although the incident reportedly occurred in February. The video only surfaced today.

After he finishes peeing, Justin grabs a bottle of spray cleaner, douses a photo of former President Bill Clinton and shouts “F*** Bill Clinton!” according to the video. A douchebag too?

Justin Bieber Caught Groping Underage Fan’s Breast (See!)

“This is the coolest spot to p***” one of Bieber’s cohorts chortles. “Wild kids in this b****”

Someone else says “Who stole my beer?” which had to be Bieber since he was otherwise pre-occupied. So add under-age drinking to his list of misdemeanors.

Nice way to payback a restaurant that serves you alcohol, even though you’re still two years away from the legal drinking age.

Is this guy’s 15 minutes of fame up yet?