Justin Bieber pictured at a Chicago club that was later fined for allowing him in the over-21 venue.

Justin Bieber pictured at a Chicago club that was later fined for allowing him in the over-21 venue.

Justin Bieber dropped in on a Chicago night club and was allowed through the door even though he didn’t meet the club’s 21-and-over age limit, but this time the club is facing a crackdown and likely fine.

The city’s Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection has cited the club, Bodi Chicago, for violating its age policy when it allowed Bieber, who is 19, and his crew to party there.

The citation charges that Bodi Chicago knowingly violated its policy by allowing underage persons in the establishment, according to The Chicago Sun-Times. The typical fine, however, $1,000, which is well worth the publicity from a Bieber visit.

“It might be worth the citation,” Tweeted one clubgoer who saw Bieber inside drinking. The club sells high-priced bottle service. A magnum of Grey Goose vodka goes for $600.

Chicago Club Releases a Statement: “On Tuesday night, Justin Bieber made a brief appearance at Bodi to support his close friend, DJ Tay James, who was performing at Bodi that evening. Justin was not served any alcoholic beverages while at Bodi. Neither Justin nor anyone affiliated with Bodi broke any laws. We believe this matter amounts to a simple misunderstanding with local police officers. We have requested a meeting with Chicago’s local liquor control commissioner and look forward to resolving the situation quickly.”

Bieber, who dropped in on the club Tuesday (July 9), was in town as part of his “Believe Tour.” Police acted on a tip that he was being served alcohol in the club. Cops ordered Justin and his entourage to leave, according to TMZ.

The troubled teen singer literally has seen his reputation sink into the toilet, after a video surfaced yesterday that captured him peeing in a mop bucket in the downstairs hallway of a New York City restaurant.

Bieber showed little regard for the janitor who was using the bucket to clean floors. The singer’s bodyguard looked on and kept a watchful eye on the stairs.

One of his friends filmed the scene, which took place in February, and sold the video to gossip website TMZ, which released the video. Bieber also inexplicably sprayed a photo of President Clinton with cleaning fluid and shouted: “F*ck Bill Clinton.”

He has since apologized to the former president and offered his standard apology for acting out, blaming it on his youthfulness.

Separately, his pal rapper Lil Twist was arrested while driving Bieber’s $100,000-plus Fisker Karma sportscar and charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, according to gossip site TMZ.