Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber: is their relationship real or damage control.

Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber: is their relationship real or damage control.

Selena Gomez’s Fourth of July reunion with Justin Bieber sparked a flurry of tabloid stories about their renewed relationship. But the actual, although scant, evidence didn’t add up to the hype. And now the reason is becoming clear.

From other reliable information pieced together by TheImproper, the much ballyhooed reunion appears to be more about damage control than dating.

There is palpable concern in Bieber’s camp that their golden boy is in danger of blowing his own career because of the seemingly unending string of rude, boorish and lately disgusting incidents. The problem is, things seem to be getting worse instead of better, and a backlash is building.

If Bieber hated being covered by the paparazzi before, his behavior has only served to increase the scrutiny he’s under. And, his “friends” don’t seem to mind selling him out, over and over again. Which means, Bieber probably doesn’t mind, either.

But his handlers do. Somebody must know how quickly public sentiment can turn. Before you know it, Bieber could be Rob Lowe.

A video that surfaced this week of Bieber peeing in a mop bucket in a New York City restaurant, while his friends laughed, set a new and disgusting low.

His constant underage drinking in various clubs also is finally catching up with him, or at least the clubs that serve him. One was busted in Chicago and will likely have to pay a fine.

And it only seems a matter of time before he, or one of his friends driving his high-powered cars, causes serious damage or, god forbid, injures someone.

Enter Selena. Their carefully publicized time together over the holiday did a lot to help him.

Given how she seems to truly care about her image, the takeaway from their reunion was she still feels Bieber is worthy of her love and attention. And, fans should feel the same way, too.

Other planted stories quickly followed about how Selena laid down the law, and how Bieber promised to clean up his act to keep her. But clearly, from the latest incident in Chicago, not much has changed.

Also, the actual evidence from the Fourth suggests they didn’t spend all that much time together. And afterward, they both quickly jetted off on their separate ways.

Finally, Selena broke up with Justin because of his behavior. Why would she go back with him when nothing had changed?

She is the kind of person, however, who would help out if she was asked to. They reunion produced the desired results–a few photos and some tabloid chatter. Justin even shamelessly used her to hype his new record.

But that does not a relationship make.