Chris Brown (right) was shocked his probation was revoked. Will Justin Bieber face the same tough justice?

Chris Brown (right) was shocked after his probation was revoked. Will Justin Bieber face the same tough justice?

Chris Brown may have been the catalyst for a new get tough policy by the L.A. County Attorney’s office, which has largely sat on its hands while celebrities like Justin Bieber and his friends have run riot in the streets. Is Bieber the next to face action?

Whether the moves against Brown signal a tougher stance toward celebrity misbehavior by California officials remains to be seen.

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department recommended criminal charges against Justin Bieber in March for allegedly assaulting his neighbor in a confrontation over the singer’s alleged reckless driving through their suburban neighborhood.

So far the L.A. District Attorney, who is moving against Brown, has yet to indicate whether he’ll take the Bieber case to court.

Bieber has been involved in a number of moving traffic violations over the past two years that would result in a license suspension for anyone else. But the L.A. County attorney has never taken any action against him.

There have also been allegations of drug use and underage drinking at his house, but no investigation is known to have taken place.

But now that might change.

Brown was as surprised as anyone that the prosecutor moved to revoke his bond over a misdemeanor hit-and-run charges involving a May auto accident.

Judge James R. Brandlin approved the motion to revoke Brown’s probation this afternoon (July 15). Fortunately the singer was released on his own recognizance and was allowed to remain free. He could have been sent straight to jail.

A hearing is slated for August to determine what punishment he’ll face.

Brown protested the move over Twitter today, claiming he did everything he was supposed to do at the accident scene. But he was also cited for driving on an invalid license when he had the accident.

The singer is still serving five years probation as part of his sentence for pleading guilty to felony domestic violence stemming from his February 2009 assault of Rihanna, who was then his girlfriend.

Brown was ordered to successfully complete a course on domestic violence and serve 1,400 hours of community service. The court and LA prosecutor allowed Brown to perform most of the service in his home state of Virginia.

But the Los Angeles County District Attorney charged in February that the 23-year-old singer falsified records and never performed the work as required. At a hearing in June, a judge ordered Brown to resolve the dispute with prosecutors by today (July 15).

No word yet on the status of that matter. He could face another court hearing if his community service is still in dispute.

Meanwhile, Brown reportedly has made an out-of-court settlement with the driver of the other car, identified as Olga Kovalenko, according to The Los Angeles Times.

At the time, she wrote a letter to the prosecutor claiming Brown became hostile when she tried to take photos of the scene. Now, she is reportedly willing to testify in Brown’s defense.