Justin Bieber accused of spitting again at club in Ohio. Instigated confrontation.

Justin Bieber accused of spitting again at club in Ohio. Instigated confrontation.

Justin Bieber is facing new assault charges for another disgusting act, after an Ohio man claimed the pop singer spit in his face over the weekend. Bieber got all exercised because he thought the man was taking pics of him. He wasn’t.

The incident unfolded in an over-21 club called the Social Room in Columbus. The alleged victim a dee-jay, phoned in his version of the incident to the Dave & Jimmy Show on radio station WNCI.

A woman who witnessed the incident posted about it on her Facebook page, and one of the WNCI jocks, who is a friend, saw it. “She used to love Justin Bieber, but now she thinks he’s a douche, because he spit in the face of someone he knew,” he said.

The way the guy tells it, two of Bieber’s “bouncers” approached him and claimed he was trying to take pictures. They went through his phone and didn’t find any, he said.

He figures they told Bieber about the incident, because that’s when he got really nasty.

“As he walks by… he confronts me, like, looks right in my face, and says a couple of choice words and spits right in my face and then walks off.

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“I was completely stunned, I couldn’t react to it,” he said.

“He called my mom something, called my dad something, called me something … and spit in my face,” he added.

The dee-jay said he’s going to file charges. He told TMZ that he also got tested for hepatitis. But the test came back negative.

Other clubgoers said Bieber and his security were using flashlights to spot people in the crowd who they thought were taking photos of the singer. One of the eyewitnesses said Bieber’s goon pushed and shoved some girls trying to see their phones.

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The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department recommended criminal charges against Bieber in March for allegedly assaulting his neighbor in a confrontation over the singer’s alleged reckless driving through their suburban neighborhood.

Bieber is also accused of spitting on him. He can get away with that crap in California, where the L.A. District Attorney treats the singer with kid gloves. But Ohio may be a different story.