Steven Colbert looks askance at 'The Great Kate Wait.'

Steven Colbert looks askance at ‘The Great Kate Wait.’

Kate Middleton is officially six days late and the world is one edge waiting for her to give birth to the future heir to the throne. Steven Colbert tackles the worldwide waiting game that’s taken on the slogan “The Great Kate Wait.”

Kate may well be having he baby as this is written, and the anticipation is mounting that she could go into labor any minute.

Colbert captured the sentiment with a little ditty: “Kate the Great is three days late! I just can’t wait for her to dilate!”

“When will the heir to the crown begin to crown?” he asked. “What will Pippa wear?”

Colbert noted the he’s just as American as anyone, paid homage to our revolutionary ancestors and proudly declared that Americans bow to no king. “Let the patriot blood shed at Lexington and Concord never be forgotten,” he bellowed.

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But hey, this is Kate and, well, the whole world is waiting with bated breath. And, so his top story Tuesday night was “Royal Baby Bump!”

Check out the video below and watch Colbert get swept up by the hysteria.