Kanye West berates a TMZ photographer for talking to him last week.

Kanye West berates a TMZ photographer for talking to him last week.

Kanye West is fighting mad. He allegedly punched out a camera man at Los Angeles Airport today (July 19), following through on his vow to prevent paparazzi from talking to, or asking questions of, him or anybody in his entourage.

The cameraman, who did not look like he put up any resistance while Kanye shoved him to the ground, required treatment from paramedics.

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Kanye was heading for a car waiting for him at the airport when the incident went down. Only a week ago, also at the airport, West warned a cameraman not to talk to him, even though the photographer was complimenting him on his latest album.

Although a bodyguard was with him, or perhaps because he had a bodyguard with him, West went ballistic when he was confronted by a half-dozen paparazzi, who busily snapped photos, according to gossip site TMZ. One of the photographers reportedly asked him questions repeatedly.

Police have released the following statement: “Today at approximately 2:00 p.m., at the Tom Bradley International Terminal (on the arrival level curbside), Los Angeles Airport Police officers were flagged down by a citizen (photographer) who alleged that he was taking pictures of an individual when he was battered by the subject. The alleged subject was not at the location nor was he observed by officers at the scene. LAFD was notified, responded to the location and transported the victim to a local hospital for medical attention. A police report was taken by the Los Angeles Police Department and the investigation is ongoing.”

Kanye reportedly told the man not to ask questions, and when he refused, Kanye went ballistic. He reportedly tried to throw several punches, and may or may not have connected. The man fell to the floor and Kanye was photographed pinning him to the ground.

Despite his combative nature, West is about five-feet, seven-inches tall and weights about 154 pounds, according to several public bios. He might make a mean welterweight in a boxing ring.

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Kayne could face misdemeanor assault charges and some serious jail time if convicted because of the violent nature of the assault. He fled the scene before police arrived, and an investigation is continuing.

Photographers are notorious for screaming the most insulting questions at celebrities in public places, where it is lawful for them to take pictures. Most celebrities just ignore them.

Check out the video below of West confronting a TMZ photographer.