Prince William and Princess Catherine greet well-wishers at their wedding in 2011.

Prince William and Princess Catherine greet well-wishers at their wedding in 2011.

Kate Middleton has performed her royal duty. She gave birth to an eight-pound, six-ounce boy at 4:24 pm. (Greenwich Mean Time), according to the palace. He will be the future King of England.

The baby, who immediately inherits the title “His Royal Highness, the Prince of Cambridge,” but so far no reports on the baby’s name.

Kate and husband Prince William chose not to know the sex of the baby until it was born. If it had been a girl, she still would have inherited the throne under recently revised English law.

Officially, the baby is third in line to the throne behind Prince William’s father Prince Charles and the Prince himself, of course. Prince Harry is fourth and the Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, is fifth, according to the palace.

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Adhering to tradition, the announcement of the birth was recorded on a document and placed in an “ornate easel” outside Buckingham Palace and the hospital where Kate gave birth.

In all, Kate was in labor four about eight hours, according to the palace.

The Duchess of Cambridge went into labor around 5:30 am (GMT) today and was resting comfortably at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, west London. Both mother and child are said to be in good health. They will stay in the hospital over night.

The royal couple delayed announcing the birth of the baby by about four hours, so they could have some alone time together, the palace said.

Crowds are gathered outside the hospital, (click her for live stream) and outside Buckingham Palace, where the birth will be announced simultaneously.

The weather in Britain is bright sunshine on what is expected to be the hottest day of the year for that country. Throngs of people waited outside both locations for news of the birth.

Queen Elizabeth arrived at Buckingham Palace earlier today from Windsor Castle. Prince Charles is on a two day visit to Yorkshire, according to London’s Daily Mail.

The baby will grow up to be commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the Church of England’s supreme governor and head of the Commonwealth, a loose confederation of 54 nations that were once royal colonies. The United States, which fought and won a war for independence, is not among them.

Nonetheless tens of thousands of Americans waited anxiously for the news.

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