Selena Gomez dodged a question about Justin Bieber with a hangup.

Selena Gomez dodged a question about Justin Bieber with a hangup.

Selena Gomez looked like some of Justin Bieber’s rudeness rubbed off on her when she abruptly cut off WGN entertainment reporter Dean Richards after he asked a question about her ex-boyfriend.

Selena is usually well-mannered under the harsh glare of publicity, especially during interviews, but she lost it on this one.

Richards seemed to asked a perfectly reasonable question: “You know, probably as close a friend to Justin Bieber as they come. Is there something about him that we don’t get or we don’t understand?

“I mean, there is one story after another of, you know, pretty outrageous behavior that we’re reading about,” he said.

Selena was speechless. Although she never stopped smiling, she looked nervously off-camera for a furtive moment before the screen went blank. Up popped a black screen promoting her new album “Stars Dance.”

It really was a perfect opportunity for Selena to help out Justin by providing some insight into the pressures he’s under as a much scrutinized performer. But she punted the ball clumsily.

Although local reporters often agree in advance to stick to the subject, in this case Selena’s new album, questions often veer to the latest tabloid headlines.

Ironically, Selena had no problem talking about her relationship with Justin to Ryan Seacrest for broadcast on the E! Entertainment network. Gomez confirmed to Seacrest that they’re not together, despite reports to the contrary on gossip sites like HollywoodLife.

The interview aired on E! Sunday night (July 21).

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