Shailene Woodley shows Conan O'Brien her talented toes.

Shailene Woodley shows Conan O’Brien her talented toes.

Shailene Woodley revealed some interesting tidbits about herself on Conan O’Brien last night (July 30), like how she has very prehensile toes much like our nearest evolutionary relative the chimpanzee. She also thinks she’d be pretty nifty as a survivalist.

Woodley, 21, scored a breakout role in the 2011 film “The Descendants” with George Clooney, although she may be better known for her role on the ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”

She’s currently making the rounds promoting her latest movie “The Spectacular Now,” which means she has to make a lot of small talk on the talk show circuit. She’s also coming off a hot photo shoot for Interview magazine.

Shailene Woodley Wet, Wild in Interview

Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 1Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 2Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 3Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 4Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 5Shailene Woodley Shows Off Her Talented Feet on Conan (watch!) 6

Conan has a knack for zeroing in on the inane and the conversation soon shifts to Woodley’s feet. She revealed how she has the ability to spread her toes and clasp them just like fingers.

“You wanna try?” she teased the talk show host.

“First of all I apologize; you’re going to see my natural skin tone. And it’s really like, adjust your television, because I’m the whitest thing in the world,” said Conan as he took off his shoes.

It took a bit to get the right position, but sure enough, they locked toes. “Done!” shouted the comedian.

Shailene also talked about her lifestyle living in Topanga Canyon, a semi-rural area outside of Los Angeles where cell phone and Internet service is limited and people still go to the public library.

Check out the videos below and Shailene’s hot Interview photos, and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity news.

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