Jennifer Aniston sends a message to Jason Sudeikis in 'We're the Millers.

Jennifer Aniston sends a message to Jason Sudeikis in ‘We’re the Millers.

Jennifer Aniston is at her raunchy best in a new red band trailer for “We’re the Millers.” The queen of good-girl rom-coms plays a stripper who’s enlisted to play the mother of a fake family to help smuggle drugs out of Mexico. And, she turns it on.

The new trailer provides an unvarnished look at the movie, which is rife with salty language, raunchy jokes, sexual innuendo and Jen’s highly charged strip tease.

The movie stars Jason Sudeikis as David Burke, the reluctant drug smuggler who concocts the fake family scheme, Emma Roberts as Casey, a street urchin turned daughter, and Will Poulter as Kenny, the neighborhood wimp who plays the son.

In the trailer, Aniston, 44, swears like a sailor, flips the bird like Kanye and urges Sudeikis to perform oral sex on a border guard demanding a bribe. Of course, Sudeikis was doing the same thing to her until the guard mentioned that he preferred men.

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As Aniston’s career has progressed, she’s tackled more risque roles, although all were well within her comedy niche. In the 2011 black comedy “Horrible Bosses,” she also teamed with Sudeikis to play a sexually aggressive dentist. Although there were rumors of a topless scene, it never materialized.

In last year’s film, “Wanderlust,” she starred opposite Paul Rudd. They play a suburban couple who seek refuge from failed New York City careers in a Georgia commune where free love and nudity are part of the norm.

Aniston came close to a topless scene again, but stopped short of exposing anything.

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Whether these films suggest a greater confidence about her career, or are the last refuge of an aging actress is a matter of debate. In any case, Jen is hilariously sexy.

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