Justin Bieber in fightin' mode in Instagram photo

Justin Bieber in fightin’ mode in Instagram photo. C’mon, you wanna piece of me?

Justin Bieber has turned into a world-class punk, after yet another incident, this time in the tony Hamptons. He allegedly got involved in an altercation at South Pointe, a pricey Southampton club where you are supposed to be 21-years-old to enter.

Bieber, who is only 19, reportedly arrived at the club at around 2am Sunday (Aug. 4) with four burly security guards and proceeded to take over the VIP section.

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The singer and his security guards harassed other club goers with a flashlight as they tried to take photos of him. Patrons who approached the VIP section to talk with him were rudely turned away by his “heavy-handed” guards, according to the The New York Daily News.

The incident apparently started after a female club-goer and her male friend tried to talk with Bieber. A heated exchange followed during which Bieber ripped off his shirt and started screaming. Patrons described Bieber as “going nuts.”

At that point, Bieber’s security guards escorted the “Baby” singer to an SUV in the parking lot. Apparently, the offended patron followed him out. What happened next is unclear, but eyewitnesses said Bieber ended up climbing through the sunroof onto the car’s hood, according to The News.

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A scuffle broke out between patrons and Bieber’s entourage and one person was reportedly knocked unconscious during the melee. The alleged victim filed a police report.

Bieber has been a scourge at a string of clubs where he’s gained entry despite the fact that he is underage. Gossip site TMZ reported that Bieber was drinking in the club.

In one of his more loutish acts, he was videoed peeing in a janitor’s bucket in a hallway outside a bathroom in a New York restaurant. Last week, Bieber was photographed spitting on fans from his hotel balcony in Toronto, where he was performing.

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Bieber who is only five-feet, seven-inches tall and weighs about 140 pounds, wouldn’t be much of a match on his own. But as long as he’s surrounded by hired security guards he can act out all he wants.

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