Kim Kardashian with baby daddy Kanye West. Who does baby resemble more?

Kim Kardashian with baby daddy Kanye West. Who does baby resemble more?

Kim Kardashian’s baby girl looks just like baby daddy Kanye West, with his dark skin, African-American facial features and naturally tight, Afro-style curls. While she’s cute as a button, she’s not exactly as described by momager Kris Jenner.

The baby’s looks are creating a quandary for Kim and her pushy, image-conscious mother.

Momager Kris let it be known shortly after the baby’s birth five weeks premature in June that the North West was light skinned with straight hair and not dark with African features like Kanye. “She has dark hair. “She looks just like Kim,” a source, likely one of the Kardashians, told the E! Entertainment Network, which hosts the Kardashian reality shows.

But our source, who has seen the baby recently, said baby North West, is the spitting image of Kanye. While the baby’s hair was straight and she was lighter complected when she was born, she has grown darker and her hair has become coarser and tighter curled like traditional afro-style hair.

Kim and Kanye have yet to show the baby in public. That may be due in part because of possible complications from her pre-mature birth. But Kim and her mother may also be waiting until she is old enough to use straighteners on her hair, and “whiten her up” our source said.

Kim Kardashian Baby News Tinged With Racism?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with the baby’s looks. Beyonce’s baby girl Blue Ivy was also born with straight hair and lighter skin, but now has more traditional African features like her father Jay-Z.

Kim’s problem is she’s allowed the baby to be represented as looking like her, when she looks markedly more like Kanye.

Kim’s father, the late Hollywood lawyer Robert Kardashian, was of Armenian descent. Armenians are considered to be a mixed race, although most are olive to dark in complexion, with black or brown hair and eyes. Kim closely approximates those features instead of her Caucasian mother’s fairer features.

Kim’s baby will undoubtedly be beautiful no matter who it takes after, but to suggest that it doesn’t look like Kanye at all is unsettling at best and racist at worst, given the controversial history over skin tones in the African-American community.

Only time will tell. Kim can’t keep her baby under wraps forever.