Robert Pattinson against the New York City skyline by Nan Goldin.

Robert Pattinson photographed against the New York City skyline by Nan Goldin.

Robert Pattinson is featured in a new video teaser for his Dior Homme advertising campaign as the luxury brand milks the “Twilight” star for all he’s worth to publicize the men’s fragrance.

Tush Online, a German website and Dior put together the exclusive preview of the fragrance campaign. It features Pattinson in New York City as seen through the lens of photographer by Nan Goldin.

The video, edited by Hedi Xandt, is a compilation of photos in black-and-white flashed on the screen like an old-time Kinetoscope.

Robert Pattinson’s Dior Story Unfolds a Bit More in New Photos

Dior has been dribbling out bits and pieces of the campaign through the release of photos and an earlier short video clip.

Xandt, a conceptual artist, says in a statement the video is composed of small slides housed in a custom built camera, live-filmed in a New York street.

Robert Pattinson Takes New York for Dior

“In post-production, I added hand-drawn titles that served as a divider between the images,” he said.

Many of the photos in the video have already been released, but there are a few new ones. The campaign is expected to officially launch in the Fall, so you can bet we’ll see more teasers until then.

Robert Pattinson’s Dior Campaign Launch Party; 15 Photos!

The fashion brand posted it’s last photo teaser July 12 with the caption: “A new story is about to start. Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Parfum.” It fleshed out the story with more photos in late July.

Dior obviously intends to get its money’s worth from Pattinson. It announced the fragrance deal in June. Rob is reportedly getting $12 million for the campaign.

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