Robert Pattinson shows off his arts and crafts skills at Children's Hospital in Los Angeles.

Robert Pattinson shows off his arts and crafts skills at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Robert Pattinson is finally getting some positive public relations after a recent club incident and weeks of sketchy tabloid stories about his moody disposition since he broke up with Kristen Stewart. And, he did it for the kids.

Pattinson, 27, visited patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles recently to cheer them up.

He didn’t just pull an in-an-out photo opportunity like Justin Bieber. He spent the day with kids painting and working on other arts projects, according to the hospital’s website.

Rob visited the hospital on Aug. 16, but the hospital kept it hush-hush until today. It posted a 16-second video spot on YouTube. In the brief message, Rob thanked the hospital for having him for the day and said he hoped to visit again soon.

Robert Pattinson Visits Children’s Hospital
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Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 1Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 2Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 3Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 4Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 5Robert Pattinson, Hospital Kids Paint, Polish His Image (Watch!) 6

“Robert was so nervous about meeting the kids — he didn’t want to let them down — which is a testament to how humble he is,” said Child Life specialist Ana Vega, in a statement posted on the hospital website.

“He was incredibly gracious and kind. He will probably never fully understand what a huge lift he gave to these kids today, and how it will positively impact them over the long term,” she added.

Robert Pattinson Lashes Out at … Oops! A Security Guard!? (watch!)

Teens from across the hospital, including the Acute Rehabilitation Center, the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases and The Heart Institute, gathered in the hospital’s Teen Lounge for the surprise guest, the hospital said.

Most of the teens recognized him and a few started crying they were so overwhelmed, the hospital said on its blog.

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“But the down-to-earth actor quickly settled the room and jumped into arts and crafts, decorating picture frames alongside patients,” the site reported.

“Pattinson laughed at his own creation, a pink frame with hearts sketched in, and tried unsuccessfully to convince the room of his ‘terrible’ artistic skills.”

The image is a far cry from an incident the day after his hospital visit (Aug 17). Rob lashed out at what he thought was a photographer while leaving a club early in the morning.

Robert Pattinson Seen Through Nan Goldin’s Lens in New Video

He grabbed the man by the face and shoved him back, knocking his glasses to the ground. He turned out to be a security guard who was trying to hold back photographers. Rob looked chagrined as he sat in the back of his SUV afterward.

Pattinson has also been subject to a slew of stories, on less reputable sites like HollywoodLife, claiming he was brooding and distraught over his breakup with Stewart.

Check out the photos above and video below and be sure to follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Robert Pattinson news you can trust.

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