Scarlett Johansson returns to romantic comedy in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon.

Scarlett Johansson returns to romantic comedy in Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Don Jon.

Scarlett Johansson has stripped off her skin-tight Avengers Black Widow suit and jumped into some more comfortable clothes to play in the romantic comedy “Don Jon” opposite Joseph Gordon-Levitt. She sizzles as the girl who plays hard to get in the romantic comedy.

This is the 28-year-old actress’s sexiest role since 2012’s “Hitchcock,” where she plays Janet Leigh during the making of the film director’s controversial horror movie “Psycho.”

In Europe, they still haven’t gotten over her 2008 Woody Allen movie “Vicky Christina Barcelona,” where her character plays one-third of a love triangle with artist Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem) and her best friend played by Rebecca Hall.

She’s featured in a new photo spread in Glamour Italia’s August issue, where she absolutely embodies la dolce vita.

Scarlett Johansson Embodies La Dolce Vita
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Scarlett Johansson on Fire in New 'Don Jon' Tease, Glamour Photos 1Scarlett Johansson on Fire in New 'Don Jon' Tease, Glamour Photos 2Scarlett Johansson on Fire in New 'Don Jon' Tease, Glamour Photos 3

The teaser was unveiled at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards and may have been overlooked given the goings-on on-stage. But she and Gordon-Levitt sizzle in a hot makeout session as he attempts to seduce her.

Levitt plays Jon “Don Jon” Martello, Jr., a Jersey guy with a bad sex and pornography addiction. Johansson is looking for something more meaningful, and there you have it… all the elements for a sexy romantic comedy.

He’s desperate to bed her, and she wants to make sure the relationship is meaningful before it goes any further. The picture debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Although it’s only been lightly reviewed, nine out of the ten critics who’ve seen it gave it a thumb’s up.

“Often light on its feet, bolstered by the reliable charms and writing chops of its leading man,” according to one of the thumbs-up reviews.

Levitt wrote the screen play and makes his directorial debut. The film also stars Julianne Moore, Tony Danza and Brie Larson.

Check out Scar’s photos above and the teasers below; the first is the MTV spot, the second is the theatrical teaser.