Robert Pattinson drives a convertible in hot new Dior Homme photo.

Robert Pattinson drives a convertible in hot new Dior Homme photo.

Robert Pattinson was spotted riding in a snazzy convertible with a hot blonde by his side and a hipster couple riding in the back. But don’t get too exercised. It’s one of the latest photos to leak from his Dior Homme perfume campaign.

Rob, 28, was signed by Dior earlier this year in one of his first fashion campaigns since his teen years when he began his career as a male model.

Dior has been taking full advantage of his popularity to tease and tantalize his fans with intriguing photos for what it calls his “Dior Homme story.” A slew of photos leaked from his launch party in June.

The images popped up on Twitter following the exclusive Hollywood party. Rob was there to premiere the campaign, known officially as “1000 lives.”

Since then, photos have leaked two more times and Rob was featured video of shots taken by photographer Nan Goldin, who shot Rob in New York City.

Robert Pattinson Drives It Home for Dior
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Xandt, a conceptual artist, who made the video said it is composed of small slides housed in a custom built camera.

The fashion brand posted it’s last photo teaser July 12 with the caption: “A new story is about to start. Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Parfum.”

From what we can tell from the latest photos, Rob is heading for the beach. His mystery blonde has since been identified as French model Camille Rowe. He’s pictured carrying her along the beach while cameras are rolling.

In the most intriguing shot, Rob is driving a light colored covertible along the water’s edge. The blonde, wearing a striped top with wind-blown hair is seated next to him. A long-haired guy is in the back with a dark-haired woman who is wrapped in a blanket.

Rob is looking over his shoulder, while someone off-camera is showing him some kind of device. Only the hands and device are visible.

Two more photos show Rob and Camille about to kiss in an elevator and in a bedroom. She’s behind him, topless, while he has his shirt pulled off one shoulder.

What ever the campaign, it looks like it will ooze sensuality and hipster coolness.

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