Robert Pattinson and French model Camille Rowe from Rob's new Dior film.

Robert Pattinson and French model Camille Rowe from Rob’s new Dior film.

Robert Pattinson is featured in a behind-the-scenes video of his upcoming Dior Homme campaign that provides the most revealing look yet at what the fashion brand is calling a “film.” It shows Rob in a slew of intimate poses and reveals the most complete look at the story arc yet.

Dior has been dropping hints about Rob’s wildly anticipated return to fashion.

The brand signed him to rep for Dior Homme perfume in March for a reported $8 million to as much as $12 million for the campaign, which is set to launch Sept. 1. Since then, it’s been releasing photos in piecemeal fashion showing Rob and his co-star French model Camille Rowe in various poses.

The behind-the-scenes video first leaked in Russia, and has yet to be widely distributed in this country. Dior is frantically trying to prevent it from being posted on YouTube. But we’ve seen the 2:13 clip (see below) and it reveals much of the film’s various scenes.

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Rob and Camille are shown in a number of romantic embraces, not only at the beach and in a drained swimming pool, but for the first time in a swirling snow storm. It’s clear now the campaign will track their romance over the course of a year.

TheImproper revealed the latest photos yesterday (Aug. 27) of Rob driving a hot convertible with Camille in the passenger seat and a hipster couple in the back. Not enough of the car was shown in the photo to identify it, but now we know it is a vintage BMW convertible.

And, Rob is pictured driving it on the beach with his companions on board, including into the surf. The video also cuts to what looks like an abandoned video where Rob and his friends are surrounded by candles in front of a fireplace. He and Camille nuzzle.

And, in some of the more dramatic footage, Rob is pictured plunging into a swimming pool, floating on his back and making out with Camille underwater.

What’s more, the video reveals some of the film’s soundtrack, which includes 70s acid rock band Led Zeppelin, playing “Whole Lotta’ Love.”

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