Alison Pill Explains Errant Topless Tweet... Believe Her? (watch!) 1

Alison Pill as Maggie Jordan on HBO’s The Newsroom. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Alison Pill finally explains how that topless photo of her lying in bed went viral on the Internet. She told Conan O’Brien it was all a big accident due to her new Blackberry cellphone. Would you believe the touch screen did it?

Pill, 27, sent hearts racing among lucky Twitter fans in September last year, when the topless photo briefly appeared in her Twitter stream.

She says she tweeted instead of deleted the photo from her cellphone. Is that even possible?

The Canadian actress was engaging in the popular pastime of “sexting.” In this case, she was sending a sexy topless pic to her then boyfriend and fiance, actor Jay Baruchel. They’ve since broken up.

Pill appeared on Conan last night to promote the new season of her HBO series “The Newsroom.” But Conan just had to ask.

“You had an embarrassing technical snafu that occured in your life last year. I know you talked about it briefly, but I’m still trying to understand what happened. You tweeted a topless picture of yourself accidentally, and I’m just curious how that happened.

Pill said she had just gotten a new Blackberry cellphone and was tweeting a mundane message on Twitter when the accident happened. “It’s a fascinating story not knowing my new Blackberry had a touch screen,” she explains.

“Responding to somebody on Twitter… apropos of nothing here are my boobs,” she said.

She assured Conan that all new Blackberrys don’t come with the photo. Check out the conversation below. Check out an uncensored photo on EssCurve and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest celebrity updates.