Miley Cyrus continues her racy MTV VMA antics by posting a photo of herself with a bare breasted woman.

Miley Cyrus continues her racy MTV VMA antics by posting a photo of herself with a bare breasted woman.

Miley Cyrus shows no signs of relenting, posting a sexy new photo on Twitter posing with a ginormous pair of bare breasts, despite the near hysterical reaction from critics over her MTV Video Music Awards performance.

Critics were heartened when a story, later outed as fake by TheImproper, included “remorseful” quotes that suggested she blamed her on-stage vamping to being “messed up” by “so many f–king issues.”

But the quotes were from an interview at least five weeks before the MTV VMAs. They had nothing to do with her sassy medley of “We Can’t Stop,” and “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke, although the writer clearly seemed to imply otherwise.

Miley Cyrus Keeps Up the Heat

Miley Cyrus Still Toying With Critics; Posts Racy New Pic (See!) 1Miley Cyrus posted a sexy new photo on Twitter that suggests she has no plans to curb her sexy new persona. Click the photo at right to see the image full size.

To the contrary, in her first and only interview on the subject with MTV, Miley said critics were “overthinking” the performance, which she said was planned from the beginning, including her foam finger antics, tongue wagging, hot twerking and sexy dancing.

Miley performed “We Can’t Stop” surrounded by pink teddy bears, a metaphor for drunken hallucinations that was a send up of criticism about drug references in the song. For her “Blurred Lines” duet, she donned a nude latex bikini to parody nude dancers in Thicke’s unrated video.

But Miley was in the driver’s seat when it come to sexual dominance on stage and she strutted, twerked and made obscene gestures that turned Thicke into a thorougly emasculated male. Somehow most critics didn’t see beyond the surface and blasted the former Disney queen for being vulgar and setting a bad example.

“I don’t pay attention to the negative because I’ve seen this play out so many times. How many times have we seen this play out in pop music?” Miley said.

Right, all too many, especially on the VMAs, which were scandalized in 2003 when Madonna made out with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage.

Miley said she was hoping for another Madonna-Britney moment and thought she and Thicke pulled it off.

“@DIANEMARTELOFF #reunited #HYPEBITCH #ASHLEY,” Miley tweeted with the latest photo, a reference to Diane Martel her music video director.

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