Eminem goes back to the future, circa 1989, for his latest video.

Eminem goes back to the future, circa 1989, for his latest video.

Eminem is the Miley Cyrus of violence. The new video for his latest single, “Berzerk,” is a paean to free-swinging, knock-down, drag-out, we-own-the-night sucker-punching. Because, well, “life’s too short to not go for broke.”

Marshall Mathers features Kid Rock and Kendrick Lamar in the video, the first single off his eighth studio album, Marshall Mathers LP 2.

Rick Rubin is also lurking and slurping in the background.

The video is getting a rousing reception. Can a thousand screaming sycophants be wrong? It’s the kind of song four kids might listen to before they go out and beat up an 80-year-old man in a deserted parking lot.

Eminem may be too cool for school, but he isn’t above a little marketing and self-promotion. “The official music video for #Berzerk, directed by Syndrome, is here!” he tweeted with the release of the clip.

Mathers is over 40 so you have to ask the question: Is he still relevant? He definitely breaks out some old school rap that everyone is fingering for its distinct “Beastie Boys” vibe… which may or may not be driving Marshall up a wall.

Eminmen is much better at rapping than ad-hoc conversation given his spaced out act on ESPN’s “Saturday Night Football” halftime show. Sandwiched between to Paleozoic suits, who wouldn’t freak out.

Then, again, it may all be part of the act. They don’t call him Slim Shady for nothing.

The album will hit the streets Nov. 5 and marks the rapper’s return, some three years after his last studio album, Recovery, in 2010. The album was originally due to be released in May so hopefully it’s worth the wait.

Check out the video below. Warning it’s explicit, not the kind of stuff you play at your kid’s birthday party.