Gwyneth Paltrow narrowly avoided a collision with a school bus in Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty)

Gwyneth Paltrow narrowly avoided a collision with a school bus in Los Angeles. (Photo: Getty)

Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrated why driving in Los Angeles is like a Third World country. She cut off a school bus, narrowly avoiding an accident, while riding a Vespa motor scooter with her child on back.

Of course, the whole scene was caught on videotape. Damn those paparazzi!

Whether it was her sense of Hollywood entitlement, or just ditzy driving, she came within a whisker of being flattened. Only the bus driver’s quick reaction hitting the brakes prevented the accident with a foot or less to spare.

Husband Chris Martin, frontman for UK band Coldplay, was riding his own Vespa with the couple’s other child. He waited until the bus came to a stop and then shot the gap himself while the bus driver was probably collecting his or her wits.

Then, instead of obeying traffic laws, they rode up to the stop light between cars, not in the lane as they are required to by law, scooters or not. Ironically, a police car is on their right, but the cop did nothing.

Someone at least honked.

Paltrow and Martin were picking up their children from a Los Angeles school when the near collision occurred, according to gossip site TMZ. To their credit all were wearing helmet, but probably more to conceal their identity rather than safety reasons.

Judging from the video, Paltrow didn’t appear to even look before she pulled away from the curb on her scooter. She shot a narrow gap and pulled right in front of the bus. The bus clearly jerks to a sudden stop, giving her room to accelerate away.

The was no visible reaction from the actress. She continued to stare ahead then cut in between cars. Highly illegal!!!

Motor scooters, which are legion overseas in cities like Rome, are the bane of drivers. The ride on sidewalks, ignore traffic signals and cut between cars traveling in lanes. Los Angeles isn’t much better.

Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than passenger car drivers, according to, which tracks accidents and fatalities nationwide.

If Paltrow’s driving is indicative of scooter riders, the statistics aren’t surprising.

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