Robert Pattinson carries French model Camille Rowe in a shot from his new Dior Homme ad.

Robert Pattinson carries French model Camille Rowe in a shot from his new Dior Homme ad.

Robert Pattinson fends off criticism that has new Dior Homme fragrance campaign is “tacky,” but also acknowledges that the character he plays in the latest Dior videos are not representative of him, or his personality.

“It’s kind of, sort of, a like fantasy version I have of myself,” he explains in a new interview published in the Dubai edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

“I mean, I’m not like that on everyday basis, I think I am a little bit more boring,” he adds with a laugh.

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After teasing the campaign for weeks, Dior launched it Sept. 1 with its first official video and a behind-the-scenes look at it being filmed. Robert is featured cavorting with French model Camille Rowe in various hotly romantic scenes.

But he’s the same Rob that has been captured a thousand times in paparazzi photos–with and without ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart–slightly rumpled, tousled hair, unshaven, cap reversed and likely wearing the same clothes from the day before.

Of course, there is one difference now. He reeks of Dior perfume. “I think I have about three different Dior Homme fragances on,” he says.

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Rob, who worked as a model in his teens, has said frequently he never felt comfortable in front of a camera and doesn’t regret leaving his model past behind him. But the Dior campaign is different, he adds.

“Dior is very independent; there’s nothing tacky about it at all. I actually felt like it was benefiting me to be associated with them rather than doing something just for the sake of it,” he explains.

Pattinson, who is reportedly being paid somewhere between $8 million and $12 million for the campaign, revealed that he was also able to hand-pick the commercial’s director. He went with French independent film director Romain Gavras.

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“I’d seen his movie ‘Our Day Will Come’ and tried to meet him for like a year and he just did not return my phone calls… Ever!” he says. “So I thought if I did the Dior thing I bet I could get him on board.”

“You always have a fear with big stars like him that they are crazy and uncontrollable, or collect swords, but from the start Robert was really down to earth,” the director told the magazine.

Rob also had his own ideas in mind about how he wanted to appear. “I kept saying from the beginning I wanted to be really physical. I have done quite a few films in a row where it is all about stillness,” he says.

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“I was watching the Dior scenes back in the monitor and thinking I look older now. I have always been so self-conscious about looking like a little kid and people not really believing me, so I wanted to do a film about masculinity and this was kid of the perfect opportunity,” he adds.

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