Katy Perry is crafting a more mature image with the release of her new album.

Katy Perry is crafting a more mature image with the release of her new album.

Katy Perry shows how much of a woman she can be in a new photo spread for the Canadian edition of Elle magazine. At 28, she realizes she’s no longer the queen of bubble-gum and whipped cream breasts. And, she shows just how sexy she can be.

“I don’t know how young you are, but as you must know, when you’re at the end of you’re 20s it’s a very important growing time,” she tells the magazine.

“It’s called the Saturn return, if you like astrology–I know it’s important for me,” she adds.

For the record, Saturn return means a “bracing wake-up call.”

“You kind of let go of childish things and accept the wisdom that comes with age,” she explains. That’s exactly where I am now.”

Nothing seems to express that sentiment more than her new hit single “Roar.”

Katy Perry Hot, Sexual in Elle
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She sang it on a stage underneath the Brooklyn Bridge to close out the MTV Video Music Awards (Aug. 25), and her subsequent video says it all. She goods from meek airplane crash survivor to queen of the jungle.

Her new album, Prism, will be released Oct. 22 and she’s just celebrated the launch of her third perfume fragrance “Killer Queen.” It projects quite a different image from her preceding perfumes “Meow” and “Purr.”

She really has grown up Check out her photos, let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest Katy Perry news you can trust. If you’re a Katy Perry fan re-tweet this to your friends. And, for more, check out the October edition of Elle Canada here.

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