Liam Hemsworth and Eliza Gonzalez were spotted together in Las Vegas.

Liam Hemsworth and Eiza Gonzalez were spotted together in Las Vegas.

Liam Hemsworth was spotted in Las Vegas on a boy’s weekend out ahead of the official announcement today (Sept 16) that he and Miley Cyrus had called off their engagement. What’s more he spent most of the night with a fetching actress.

Hemsworth, 23, and Cyrus, 20, had been rumored to have been on the rocks since August, even though both denied at the time that their relationship was troubled.

Tabloids have been rife with rumors, mostly unsubstantiated. that Hemsworth was trying to strike up a relationship with actress January Jones, including reports earlier this month that he was sexting her. He denied the rumors.

Over the weekend, though, there was no denying his flirtation with 23-year-old Mexican actress Eiza Gonzalez. They were photographed spending most of the evening together at Las Vegas club Bungalow at the Thompson Hotel.

Liam and his entourage, which included Gonzalez, camped at a VIP table near the DJ booth before heading for a private cabana near the hotel pool where they partied until 2 am. But whether things went any further than that is subject to question.

Although some reports said they left together, Gonzalez suggested before travelling to Vegas that the person she was interested in was in love with someone else.

“It must be very difficult to accept the fact that the person you’re interested in lives in love with someone else #oops #goodluck! #whengoodisgood!’ she wrote on her Facebook page.

Whether she was referring to Hemsworth, or someone else is unknown. She broke up with her boyfriend of two years Mexican business mogul, Pepe Díaz, in August. Diaz reportedly cheated on her, according to People. So he may have been the subject of her comment.

Reyna is a major star in Mexico She’s an actress, singer and daughter of former model Glenda Reyna. She’s been starring in movies since she was 16, according to a popular biography.

The New York Post’s gossip column “Page Six” claimed Liam was spotted kissing a brunette and they left together. Liam’s rep, however, denied the report. Page Six has been notoriously wrong in the past; it falsely reported that Beyonce was pregnant with a second child, again, citing “multiple sources.”

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