Willow Smith shows a whole new side of herself, including an English accent.

Willow Smith shows a whole new side of herself, including an English accent.

Willow Smith what’s up? She sounds more like a mini-Naomi Campbell than then daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith during an appearance on the Queen Latifah show. What’s with the English accent?

Willow’s adolescence has been on fast forward ever since she turned 9-years-old and started performing in risque videos.

Not surprisingly, she’s 12 now and all grown up. She sings about a “summer fling” on the talk show, which premiered today (Sept. 16). Who knew growing up included a split personality.

Willow Smith Dials It Down in ‘I Am Me’ Video (watch)

Willow has gone from urban hip-hop tyke to smooth jazz chanteuse, singing “Summer Fling,” song that is once again a little–no, a lot–too mature for a 12-year-old. Do pre-teens really have flings?

But she really jumped the shark when she broke out her English accent. Hello Madonna. She pauses after the opening verses of the song to “clarify” what she means by summer fling. She isn’t talking about going to the sixth-grade Valentine’s dance.

“Just for clarity,” she explains, “the word fling means something that is short-lived. And this song is dedicated to all the kids around the world whose summer is never long enough.”

Willow Smith Whips It in New ‘Do It Like Me’ Video (watch!)

In her last appearance in a video in July a year ago, Willow sang “I am Me,” a moving ballad that could have passed muster on the Disney Channel. Her video before that for “Do It Like Me” pushed her pre-teen sexuality to the limit with gyrating dance moves and rock star posing.

This time, Willow wore the tiniest of hotpants with a shirt under a tuxedo jacket. Her hair was straight with bangs, a big departure from her head full of curls in previous videos.

Check out her latest clip below; She starts talking around 43 seconds in. Let us know your thoughts and follow TheImproper on Twitter for the latest in celebrity news.