Justin Bieber gives off a hip-hop vibe in the new video for 'Lolly.'

Justin Bieber gives off a hip-hop vibe in the new video for ‘Lolly.’

Justin Bieber shows up shirtless (yes, he’s rapping again!) in Maejor Ali’s video for his new song “Lolly,” also featuring Juicy J. It makes Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” sound angelic compared to the misogyny and sexual objectification in this song.

Gossip sites that were so critical of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards performance (read HollywoodLife, for one) are gushing over this tribute to bling and booty and sexual exploitation.

Of course, there’s no mistaking what “Lolly” is a euphemism for.

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Beyond the offensive lyrics, all too often dismissed because its rap, the video includes a full compliment of scantily clad dancers working hard to shake their booties for the boys.

So much for double standards.

Beyond that, there’s really not much redeeming value in this run-of-the-mill video. Justin sticks out like a sore thumb rapping about “Pellegrino, models and sneakers,” like he plays in the NBA.

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So much, too, for “cultural appropriation,” the egg-headed argument that white people shouldn’t do things that black people do. Give Justin credit on that score for breaking down racial barriers.

Justin’s got the total hip-hop vibe going, dancing shirtless with a thick gold chain around his neck and his pants at half mast. HollywoodLife calls this being “grown up.” Miley Cyrus was called a slut for daring to twerk. WTF?

You’d think Justin grew up in Compton, not white-bread Canada. What is it, Halloween, or something? What a poser.

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