Kate Upton blazes through a game of flip cup with Jimmy Fallon.

Kate Upton blazes through a game of flip cup with Jimmy Fallon.

Kate Upton has got it, whether it’s posing in the skimpiest bikini or playing a game of flip cup with Jimmy Fallon. She took on the late night host and blew him off the table in a hilarious segment of the show.

Upton, 21, stopped by to promote her latest cover on the 100th anniversary edition of Vanity Fair magazine.

Fallon, who often challenges guest to the college drinking game, couldn’t resist asking Kate to give it a try. He asked her as an equestrian if she was very competitive. “Yes, very competitive,” she replied.

“…because I’d like to challenge you to a little game,” he continued. “This is a very fun game that I’ve played a lot. If you’re over 17 you can play it. Ah.. 21 to be exact. Have you ever played it?”

“No,” she replied. “I never went to college; this is what I missed out on,” she added, throwing up her hands. (Well actually there’s a little more to college than that.)

In any even, she was game. The trick is to drink a cup of beer than flip it over so it lands on its top. They each had five cups. Kate fumbled with the first one, but then nailed the rest. Give her a diploma already!

Beside that, she looked utterly fantastic in a tight-fitting red dress. Fallon obviously couldn’t concentrate on the game.

Footnote: Watch her hot little victory dance at the end.

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