Tina Fey plays a girl from Albania who joins HBO's Girls in a hilarious SNL skit.

Tina Fey plays a girl from Albania who joins HBO’s Girls in a hilarious SNL skit.

Only Tina Fey has the chutzpah to skewer HBO’s series “Girls” for what it really is, a bunch of pompous, bombastic, whining over-privileged girls. She sends up the program in a “Saturday Night Live” skit that’s hilarious, playing a roommate with real problems.

The show, written by and starring Lena Dunham is about four twenty-something women trying to make their way in New York City.

Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky co-star. All are twenty-something losers who must navigate menial jobs, superficial relationships and their own idiosyncrasies.

Don’t you just want to smack them?

Fey joins the cast for the new season, playing “Blertha,” from Albania, who has reeeal problems and can only thank God for a roof over her head.

“If you’re going to live with me you should know I have OCD,” says Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, played by new “SNL” castmember Noel Wells.

“I have OCD, too,” says Blertha.

“Cool! You’re obsessive-compulsive, too?” says Hannah.

“No, I have Old Cow Disease. It’s when old cow bites you and disease infects your skin,” says Blertha. “It’s why I have rubber hands.”

“Honestly, Your life is, like, so much more interesting than mine. It’s not fair,” whines Hannah.

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