Russian spy Anna Chapman appeared on the Today show. Just what did Richard Engel see in her?

Russian spy Anna Chapman appeared on the Today show. Just what did Richard Engel see in her?

Anna Chapman, the sultry Russsian spy who made headlines in 2010 after she was busted by the FBI, is back in the news, for what reason is hard to fathom. Maybe, NBC’s Richard Engel, who interviewed her, is crushing on her.

The ratings starved “Today” show aired Engel’s interview with the red sex bomb this morning (Sept. 30), presumably from Moscow, since she’s banned for life from the United States.

It was an absolute dud.

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Chapman, now 31, played Engel like a tool and walked out of the interview. He’d asked her the most inane personal question about a lighthearted Tweet she wrote proposing marriage to NSA leaker Edward Snowden back in July.

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Was it some cryptic message inviting Snowdon to stay in Russia? The leaker had landed in Moscow a month earlier. More likely it was another ploy for publicity by the spy turned Russian celebrity.

Anna likes to maintain an air of mystery around her personal life, as if she’s still some kind of international player. When nothing is going on in your life, why not make it a mystery?

She says she rarely grants interviews. No wonder, she doesn’t have anything to say. Who would want to interview her? Oh… right, Richard Engel.

When she and her “nest” of spies were arrested by the FBI three years ago in New Jersey (of all places), they seemed more like one of those whack reality show families, you know, “The Real Russian Spies of New Jersey.”

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They never gathered any discernible intelligence on anyone.

Chapman was supposed to be a “honey pot” who would seduce her way into highest circles of power. But her only conquest was a New Jersey neer-do-well husband who promptly leaked her naked photos onto the Internet after she was arrested. Score one for America.

Since her returned to Russia, she’s been hailed as a celebrity, posed for a few racy magazine photo spreads and dabbled in television. Her show “Mysteries of the World” actually debuted two years ago, but someone apparently forgot to clue-in Engel.

Anna Chapman's mug shot, courtesy of the FBI.

Anna Chapman’s mug shot, courtesy of the FBI.

The show was the hook for his interview, although, Richard was clearly after some titillating gossip. He’d make a worse spy than Anna. She saw right through his cover story.

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She refused to discuss Snowden. Probably someone high up in the Kremlin, maybe Putin himself, told her to shut up about affairs of state, especially embarrassing ones. Putin needs Snowden in Russia like he needs a hole in the head.

Engel pressed for some details. “Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend? Do you have a social life?” he asked with baited breath.

“I’m not married — if I was married, everybody would know,” Chapman said. Wait, didn’t she just say she wanted to keep her personal life private?

Adding further to her “air of mystery,” Anna abruptly ended the interview. “I don’t want to discuss America. I’m sorry,” she said. “I think [the interview is] done because it’s not going the right way,” she said.

But the real question is why was there an interview in the first place?

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