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Britney Spears Nixes Son on Stage at Planet Hollywood Shows

Britney Spears Nixes Son on Stage at Planet Hollywood Shows 1

Britney Spears with her son on stage during one of her concerts.. Jayden not pictured.

Britney Spears apparently has nipped a potentially nasty legal fight with ex Kevin Federline over their kids. He threatened all out war if Brit tried to used one of their children in her looming Las Vegas residency. She got the message.

Spears officially confirmed plans Sept. 17 to perform up to 50 shows a year at Planet Hollywood and planned to include eight-year-old Sean Preston in some of the shows.

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“Preston will probably be on stage but I think Jayden would have a hard time with it,” she said at the time.

But now it seems Britney was just “joking,” a rep tells gossip site TMZ. It’s not like the kids haven’t performed before. Sean Preston made occasional appearances and danced on stage during her “Femme Fatale” tour

K-Fed has been pretty diligent about looking out after the interests of the kids, even if his motives aren’t always clear. In 2009, during Brit’s Circus Tour, he threatened legal action again, because Brit was taking the kids on the road with her.

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But she reportedly paid him off to the tune of $5,000 a week plus expenses so he could join the kids on the road to spend time with them.

This time around K-Fed was particularly peeved because Britney never discussed using their son in her act before she announced it.

Tickets go on sale Sept. 20 and cost $59 each to see shows during the two-year deal.

Spears also revealed that her as yet untitled eight studio album would be released, Dec. 3, one day after her 32nd birthday.

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